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The site map is designed to help you in case you're not finding what you need. So far our site consists of 21 main pages with roughly 234 more pages for specifications, drawings and quotes.

Modular Chillers - Tandem Chillers - an overview of and introduction to Tandem Chillers and the modular chiller equipment it manufactures.

Modular Chiller Equipment - describes the modular chillers and the industries it serves.

Computer Room Air Conditioning
Process Cooling
Air Conditioning
Heat Pumps
Ice Making Chillers

Standard Features - a list of standard features for our modular chilling equipment.
Profile - a brief description of our company and the development of our modular chillers.
Manual - a trouble shooting guide and general operation manual.
Links - a research page devoted to the industries interested in modular chillers.

History of Modular Chillers - a history of modular chillers.
Selecting an Air Conditioning System - some issues about replacing an existing cooling system.
Chiller Controllers - for controlling chiller temperature by cycling of compressors.
Chiller Design - see how our modular design would work when you need to repair or service a malfunctioning chiller.

Under Construction
Pump Packages - drawings

Heat Pumps and Chillers - there are three kinds of heat pumps: 1. water, air and ground source.

Get a Quote - an online form that you can use to get a quote on one of our modular chilling packages.


Introduction to Tandem Chillers

Chiller Header Connection Diagram

Fluid Cooler Selection Form

Product Brochure

Product and Training Manual


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