Pump Systems for Chillers, Cooling Towers and Fluid Coolers

Pump Systems for Chillers

Tandem Chillers Inc. designs and manufactures horizontal and vertical single, dual and multiple pump packages for chillers, cooling towers and fluid coolers. Water and Glycol packages with both expansion and open tanks can be supplied in all volumes and sizes. Our flexibility and quick turn around allows us to compliment our standard product line with custom systems at standard equipment lead-time and prices.

We build to your customer’s fluid and dimensional specifications, giving you the edge over your competition with product and solution capabilities. Whether an HVAC, MRI or Process cooling application, Tandem's Chillers and Pumping packages will work for you. With our sales and engineering teams to provide you with the tools needed to present a winning customer specific solution. We will supply you all the technical data including calculations, pump curves and all relevant submittals.

We offer pumps and pump systems to meet all required applications and standards. The available selections in pump components include motor rpm, housing type, pump and impeller materials, for specific applications. Our packages can be supplied in all voltages and frequencies for the international market.

Engineered Pump Systems

Our pump packages can incorporate any combination of operating and standby pumps with your choices of pump trim. Pump selection may be close coupled or long coupled with coupling, 1750 or 3500 rpm for 60 hertz operation and 2900 rpm for 50 hertz operation. Pump trim including suction strainers with isolation valves, discharge check valves and shut-off valves, common inlet and outlet headers, expansion tanks, glycol feeders, pot feeders all mounted on a common frame pre-piped and wired. Duplex and multiple pump systems incorporate lead - lag of pumps with automatic swing over on pump run time and on a pump failure. All chilled water and glycol piping is supplied insulated and labeled.

Pump Systems for Chillers

Our pump packages can be supplied in the ”modular chiller” style frame for a small footprint indoor application as well as a horizontal skid arrangement for large or multiple pump systems. For outdoor applications we use a horizontal arrangement inside a weatherproof housing with removable panels and weatherproof control panel, optional insulated panels with heaters and ventilation fans. All packages are pre-piped and wired making installation easy. Accessories such as heat exchangers, automatic water temperature mixing, pressure by-pass and pressure reducing valves can be supplied as specified.

Controls are located within central control panels with a through-the-door non-fused disconnect, power on light, pump controller with door mounted liquid crystal display and pump hand-off-auto switches. All wiring is numbered and terminated to terminals for ease of troubleshooting. Only UL/CSA approved components are used and control panels are NEMA (EEMAC) certified. Our standard enclosure for indoors is NEMA (EEMAC) 12 panel with NEMA (EEMAC) 4 for outdoors. NEMA 4X and all stainless steel enclosures can be supplied.

We will work with your sales team in generating detailed technical proposals within efficient time frames, allowing your organization to focus on the marketing aspects of your business. Please feel to discuss with us any unique application that your customers may require.

Duplex Pump With Panels Duplex Pumps
Duplex Horizontal Pump
With Panels and Pipe Insulation
Duplex Pumps Before
Completion Showing Pump Trim
Indoor Duplex Pump Packages Large Duplex Pumps
Indoor Duplex Pump
Packages in a Chiller Frame
Large Horizontal Duplex Pumps
Insulated Pump Packages Insulated Pump Packages
Large Insulated Pump Package Without Panels Front of Unit With Panels and Control Panel
Insulated Pump Packages Insulated Pump Packages
Back of Unit With Water
Connections and Exhaust Fan
Side View Showing Pump Motor VFD
Buffer Tanks  
Buffer Tanks  

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