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Modular Chillers

Tandem Chillers Inc. manufactures the only true modular chilling system - where it is possible to remove, service or replace individual components without shutting down the balance of the system - all in the space of a few hours. See How It Works.

Outdoor Air Cooled VX Series are now AHRI Certified.

Our modular chillers are ideal for those situations where accessibility and space are restricted, expansion is inevitable, where large cooling capacities and uninterrupted operation are required. Possible applications include: large homes or estates, old historical buildings, hospitals, universities, central telecommunication switching centres, computer rooms and data centres, commercial facilities, laboratory environments and industrial process control stations. To help you decide if a modular chiller is the right solution for your particular situation please read our article on Air Conditioning Systems Using Modular Chillers.

AHR Expo MexicoLike all chillers, our models use water, glycol or air as a heat transfer medium. They are different from most chillers in that they were specifically designed for buildings that require extremely large cooling capacities and where space is limited and very hard to access. Providing air conditioning for high rises or old historical buildings with elevators and narrow hall ways present unique challenges.

In most cases, with space and accessibility being what they are, you will not want to face the possibility of having to replace or repair the chiller once it has been installed. If it is an older building or a multi-story building with virtually no elevators to speak of, a modular chiller is going to make your life much easier.

All chillers have been tested and evaluated to the following standards:

  • Capacity: AHRI certifed to 550/590.
  • Electrical: CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 236-11 / UL 1995 4th Edition.
  • Sound: AHRI 370-2011.
  • Evaporator & Condenser: CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 140-3 / UL 207 7th Edition.
p>A modular chiller system is basically a series or set of modules that operate together to achieve the large cooling capacity required and are installed one at a time. But the true value of a modular chiller solution is uninterrupted operation, this has
been achieved by using a systems of modules where it is possible to remove, service or replace individual modules without shutting down the balance of the system - all in a matter of hours.

Tandem Chillers is the only manufacturer to pursue this alternative, a true plug and play modular chiller where it is possible to "pull" a defective component to fix it and then "plug" it back into the system without shutting down the system. "A History of Modular Chillers".

Since we only use North American manufactured components: Copeland and Bitzer compressors, Sporlan refrigeration products in the production of Tandem Chillers, all major parts can be sourced from local wholesalers or overnight from our facility in Toronto, Canada. Click here for standard features.

Visit our other websites, Temperature Corporation and First Choice Chillers Inc., where we have built a world wide reputation for manufacturing chillers and chilling systems for the plastic, chemical, rubber, metal working, plating, die casting, chemical, printing, petrochemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

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